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Bolsius True Scents Fresh Cotton Fragrance Diffuser, 45ml

Bolsius True Scents Fresh Cotton Fragrance Diffuser, 45ml

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PALM OIL FREE, alcohol-free. With wooden sticks 

What you see is what you smell with Bolsius. From all time favorite classics to new trendy scents: the Bolsius True Scents collection offers a fragrance for everyone. Do you like our creamy vanilla, the musky magnolia, the lux oud wood, or the fruity pomegranate? These fragrances will help you bring nature into your home in the purest and eco-friendliest way.

Guess what? Bolsius fragrances are made of natural extracts and are palm oil free. So you can expect the usual high quality Bolsius standard in each one of these diffusers.

The principle of reed diffusers is simple: reed sticks stand in a small, elegant bottle containing scented liquid. The sticks naturally absorb the liquid and then diffuse a wonderful fragrance into your interior. The scented liquid is not alcohol-based and is safe to use. Enjoy a delicate fragrance for up to 6 weeks.

Discover the Fresh Cotton fragrance.

Product Details

Material Liquid Fragrance, Glass & Wood
Dimensions 170 x 60mm
Color Transparent 
Origin The Netherlands