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Bolsius Refill RP1 Candle, All Weather Formula - 90/50mm

Bolsius Refill RP1 Candle, All Weather Formula - 90/50mm

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Clean flame. All weather conditions. Burn time up to 20 hours

Feel the warmth and comfort of our products that emphasize the flame from the heart. Our All Weather Formula, adapted to all weather conditions, ensures a strong and stable flame that burns long and bright. It leaves no residue and does not smoke.

Thanks to our carefully selected blend of mix and natural wick, you can be sure that each product is made with love for the planet and its inhabitants. The inserts are manufactured in the EU in accordance with the highest safety and quality standards.

Our inserts spread a warm and friendly light that pays tribute to the memory of those you miss. Check the label and pictograms and let the flame burn with full heat. Because when it comes to honoring those we love, we go for the best.

 RAL Quality Mark:
-Candles that display quality marks do not produce visible smoke or soot
- Candles with quality labels burn well — all the way down-
- Candles burn evenly and do not drip.
- Candles burn exactly as the burning indicated on the packaging. 
- Do not have any negative health effects


Product Details

Material Premium Grade Paraffin Wax
Dimensions 90/50mm
Color White
Shape Cylindrical
Origin The Netherlands