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Bolsius CleanLight Fragranced Refill Candles, Pack of 2 - No Fragrance

Bolsius CleanLight Fragranced Refill Candles, Pack of 2 - No Fragrance

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PALM OIL FREE. Cotton candle wicks. Burn time up to 20 hours.  Pack of 2 refills.

ENJOY, REFILL, TIME AND AGAIN The CleanLight starter kit includes a hand-blown glass holder and a 'Gardenia & Fig' refillable scented candle. Thanks to the unique design of the double-walled holder, no wax residues are left behind, just an irresistible fragrance experience that lasts for up to 20 hours. After burning, all you need to do is remove the wick plate and refill with one of our five magical fragrance combinations. Minimum waste, maximum enjoyment! Made with natural vegan wax and natural extracts, this product contains no palm oil.

  • No wax leftover
  • Unique hand-blown design
  • Refillable scented candle without cup
  • Less waste
  • No palm oil
  • Perfect flame
  • With natural vegan wax

CleanLight is kind to the planet and to your wallet: the refills not only last a long time (up to 20 hours); they also burn down completely, leaving only the wick plate and thus very little waste. It is made from natural vegan wax and contains no palm oil.

RAL Quality Mark:
-Candles that display quality marks do not produce visible smoke or soot
- Candles with quality labels burn well — all the way down-
- Candles burn evenly and do not drip.
- Candles burn exactly as the burning indicated on the packaging. 
- Do not have any negative health effects.

Product Details

Material Premium Grade Paraffin Wax & Glass
Dimensions 54/120mm
Color White
Shape Cylindrical
Origin The Netherlands